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Advantage of Robot Framework

Advantage of robot framework
  • Easy and Fast development of test cases
  • Clean code structure easy-to-follow/easy-to-write
  • Modular Structure
  • Use of minimum programming skills
  • The large set of Test library¬†¬†

In most of the cases, we are not writing the code we are just using the keywords.

Clean Code structure means there is no code like Java and another language you just have to write plain simple English as keywords and most of the keywords are meaningful.


Code will be distributed in different section that will be easy to use and easy to follow.

It contains separate module for separate task for example – Setting, Test cases, Keywords. Complete code divided in to multiple section.

No programming skills required it will be great if you have programming skills like python, we have a large set of libraries through which we can automate our task more efficiently, Let a suppose you have a specific task but no keywords are available so programming will help you in that case to build your own keywords.

Large set of libraries python supports large set of libraries many libraries are in built with robot support but many libraries are external libraries we can install it and use it but still we have large set of libraries.

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