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Introduction to Robot Framework

Here we will for technical discussion of Robot Framework. Robot Framework is a test automation framework for acceptance ...
Automation TestingRobot

Advantage of Robot Framework

Easy and Fast development of test cases Clean code structure easy-to-follow/easy-to-write Modular Structure Use of minimum programming skills ...
Automation TestingRobot

Robot Framework- Step-by-step Installation

Installation of Python  Installation of PyCharm  Installation of Robot Framework Installation of Selenium Installation Plugin  For installation of ...
Automation TestingRobot

Robot Framework: Write First Test Case

To Write First Test Cases in Robot Framework we need to know some basic Stuff. *** Settings *** ...
Automation TestingRobot

Robot Framework: How to Enter a value in Text Box

In this section, we will perform two operations on Textbox – Enter Data into the textbox. Clear Textbox ...