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Introduction to Robot Framework

Introduction to Robot Framework_

Here we will for technical discussion of Robot Framework.

Robot Framework is a test automation framework for acceptance testing,  acceptance test-driven development. 

It is a kind of technical definition, I would like to explain Robot Framework in easy words.

If you previously worked on any automation tool like selenium with Python you have to write lots of code to just simply open the browser.

Selenium with Python Code

Robot Framework Code

But In Robot Framework you just have to write One line of code. It is making our Automation Framework much easy if we are using Robot Framework. Here Open Browser is not coding it is simple a Keyword. Robot Framework gives us lots of Keywords to Automate Web application.

So, We are going to use this as an acceptance testing because most of the time acceptance testing is done by Business analyst or the client-side person and we can not assume they have much programming understanding they can also automate the application with very less programming language or no programing language, so here in robot framework we can write not code but Keywords in the form of code using simple English language keywords.

We can write acceptance testing accordingly development will drive. It has easy to use tabular test data syntax and it utilizes the keyword-driven testing approach.

Example:- Open Browser ${URL} ${Browser} Open Browse is a Keyword ${URL} is a variable, ${Browser} is a variable and we are writing it in a Tabular format

It is available with Large set of Libraries. let’s take an example of selenium library if you want to use selenium library then just download the selenium library and start using selenium keywords.

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