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Robot Framework- Step-by-step Installation

Robot Framework- Step-by-step Installation
  • Installation of Python 
  • Installation of PyCharm 
  • Installation of Robot Framework
  • Installation of Selenium
  • Installation Plugin 

For installation of python, Just go to google and type Download python from here download the latest version of python.

Click here to go to Python website 

After downloading python exe file just double click on the exe.

Go for “Customize installation” keep all checkboxes as it is and click on Next.

Now change the installation location under “Customize install location” give “C:\python36” or any version that you are going to install and install.

It will install on your windows machine in intend location.

Next step to Set “Environment Variables”.

Move to the location where the python installed and copy the path like – “C:\python36”  and paste it in the path variable under system variables after that make semicolon ‘ ; ‘   after that copy the Scripts path in python folder like – “C:\python36\Scripts”  and paste it in in the path under system variables.

Now need to check is python installed or not, Go to command prompt and type python -V if it is correctly installed then it will show the version of python.

For installation of PyCharm Community Edition go to the PyCharm website. Download and install it successfully.

After installation go to PyCharm and create new project.

Now its time to install Robot package before moving forward we must know that what is PIP. We need some different library to perform different task like to perform any operation in the Excel sheet you must have openpyxl or any other Excel library.

PIP is a package management system used to install and manage software packages written in python.

So, how to install pip, pip is by default coming as pip.exe in the Scripts folder in “C:\python36” there is no need to install pip explicitly, we just need to give “C:\python36\Scripts” path in path variable in system variables after that you can access pip form CMD directly( without changing path).

To install the Robot Framework just open command prompt and type

Now, PIP is going to download this package and then install this package. You can find the robot framework package in “C:\python36\Scripts” folder when we install the robot framework then it installed with some standard libraries. Next, we need to install selenium library. To Install the Selenium Library type below command in command prompt.

So, we have installed two packages here one Robot framework and other is Selenium Library. Now the basic package of robot framework is done.

Now, You have to set up Intellibot plugin, This plugin is used to write Robot Framework code in Pycharm. To install it in Pycharm go to Pycharm File >Settings >Plugins Now, search for Intellibot plugin in Marketplace Tab and click on install.

Once you install the plugin it will ask you to restart the Pycharm after that we will be able to write Robot Framework code in Pycharm.

Now, we are done with all installations.

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